Judith Vonberg, freelance journalist, writes about refugees, migration, borders, Germany, European cultureI’m Judith Vonberg, a freelance journalist based in London. I’ve written for BuzzFeed, News Deeply and Lacuna about the current waves of migration and I’ve also spoken on BBC TV World News, BBC Radio Scotland and Voice of Islam radio about the issue. On a more personal level, I’ve been involved with organisations such as Migrant Voice UK, Migrants’ Rights Network and Student Action for Refugees (STAR) for many years.

On this website, you’ll find my published work as well as regular new pieces that engage with a nexus of questions around human migration. Why do people migrate? What happens to them on the way? How do people go about settling somewhere new? What happens to the places they leave behind?

People migrate and cross borders for many different reasons. The individual stories and broader discussions found here bring some of these people, their journeys and the bordered landscape through which they move into sharper focus.

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